Using eCommerce website design in Melbourne to make your products stand out

For months. locked down Melbournians relied on online shopping for their retail therapy. But the convenience of shopping from home from thousands of different retailers online won’t be lost when shopping centres re-open. It’s never been a better time to own an eCommerce website design in Melbourne.

From looking at Google trends we can see that searches for online Shopping are up 60% since mid-June and a staggering 75% since February in Victoria. There is so much demand but there is also a lot of supply. So, how can you make your products stand out from your competitors?

Let’s have a look.

Payment Integrations

52% of Australians prefer to use an eWallet eCommerce Website Design

If you offer Afterpay, Zippay or any other pay later service, you’re going to attract the business of shoppers who love impulse shopping. You’ll also feature their business directory, feeding you more customers.

52% of Australians prefer to use an eWallet, such as PayPal rather than using a credit card online. With the extra security offered, it’s no surprise. So this is another payment integration you can’t overlook in your eCommerce website design.

Or maybe you just want to use a specific payment gateway with lower fees than what’s automatically provided in self serve website builders. Thus, giving you the ability to compete with other websites on a price front. 

The important thing is that your digital strategy isn’t hindered by an inability to support the payment services you need to offer. Custom website development allows for the integration of different and complex payment gateways on your online store.

Professional Product Photography

75% of shoppers review photography of a product

We can’t stress enough the importance of investing in professional product photography. Letting your customers see what they’re buying builds trust in the product and significantly contributes to your chance of a sales conversion. 

75% of shoppers carefully review the photography of a product when deciding to make a purchase. And 22% of shoppers will try and return a product that doesn’t look like the picture.

Photos off your phone might be fine for sites like eBay and Gumtree. When it comes to your eCommerce business, not investing in professional product photography can end up costing you in both sales and returns.

Be the Best with Attention to Detail

If you’re not the only person selling a certain product online, make sure you’re doing it better than anyone else. Take the time to not only invest in high-quality pictures but also high-quality copy. 

Use the descriptions on your product pages to write an interesting piece of text about why customers should purchase the item. Outline the features and benefits of your products. Don’t just copy and paste in the technical specifications from the supplier. 

Not only will this work to strengthen the conversion rate for your eCommerce website design in Melbourne, but it will also help you stand out from competitors who aren’t doing this and position you as an expert in your niche.

Mobile Shopping

bad experience of mobile 62% less likely to shop in future

Responsive Website Design is a necessity in today’s online shopping climate. This means making your website work flawlessly across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

Did you know that if people have a bad experience on the mobile version of your website they are 62% less likely to shop with you in the future? 

With search engines and social media making it easier than ever to find products online, you can’t afford to make mistakes that disengage potential customers.

Product Reviews

Setting up the ability for customers to review the products they purchase from your eCommerce website can be easier than you think. Web developers can integrate product reviews to seamlessly populate below each unique product as customer feedback comes in. 

We can even set up automatic reminders that generate and send an email form for your customers to review multiple items from their last purchase. It then feeds the responses straight into your website.

Why is this something you need? Customers trust the authority of other customers. A website full of glowing testimonies is an effective way to remove hesitation from a new customer’s mind when they are on the fence about a purchase. If the customer has viewed the same product on multiple sites but your website is the only one with great product reviews, and the pricing is very similar, your store is much more likely to get the sale.

Google Shopping

If you want to highlight your products, there is no better way than setting up your Google Merchant Centre and Google Shopping. Customers will see your product and it’s description up against similar products from competitors. 

If you’re using part of your advertising budget on Google Shopping, then you’re reaching customers who are looking specifically for your product. What that means for you is a higher click and sales conversion rate. That’s a great return on investment.

Highlighting and showcasing your products makes your eCommerce business stand out to shoppers across Melbourne. There’s a lot of competition out there, but experts in web solutions like Fox & Lee can support your business to reach more customers and grow your eCommerce revenue.

Ready to learn more? Either give us a call on (03) 9043 1039 or contact us here. Together we’ll start developing a strategy for your business that improves your bottom line and elevates your eCommerce website design in Melbourne. 

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