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Business websites to help you stand out and get you more leads.

Stand out as the number one choice against your competitors

Websites speak a thousand words when it comes to your customers choosing to make that first move, and reach out to you – over your competitors.

We strategically design websites to get you more leads – that’s more phone calls and more enquires directly from your new website. Those leads then turn into paying customers for your business.

This is exactly what we specialise in – building websites that work to give you more customers. We guide you along the way, while designing and building a site with your business in mind every step of the way.

Websites that excite your customers, and instils confidence

Whether you need a website to prove your legitimacy, showcase your projects, list your services or simply pull in more leads – it all comes down to a good website that works to do all of these things.

The most important of all these goals is to pull in more leads, that’s more customers choosing to contact you over your competitors. And, this is where our strategic design and layout coupled with brilliant coding wins to capture your customers attention, gives them a boost of confidence and gets them taking action on your website.

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The Fox & Lee Difference

“We do Smart Website Design.”

We don’t try and force your business into an off-the-shelf template. We design a website around your business.
We implement a “user experience design” methodology, which means your website is strategic – not generic.

Jodie, Head of Design & User Experience - Fox & Lee

Outcomes of working with Fox & Lee
A web design created by a specialists and tailored to your business means your website is:

Maximise & Protect Your Investment

Ongoing Support

We’d like to be part of your success long term.

Because of this, we provide business-grade website hosting and ongoing support and maintenance under our website care plans. Ensuring your investment continues to be well maintained and monitored on an ongoing basis.

Maintenance & Updates

Need updates done, but can’t find the time?

Every business owner battles having enough time, and this is where our website care plans fit in perfectly. We not only maintain the security of your website, but also do updates as needed on an add-hock basis or ongoing monthly maintenance plan.

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We do the strategy and design work so you can get on with business

Finding good quality free time in every business owners schedule is a constant battle. This is usually where the current website becomes neglected or the website just never gets done.

Putting your website off means your customers are either not finding your business, or if they do find your site they’re not confident to reach out to you. This is where we step in. By providing us with some basic business information, we can create a site for you while you get on with doing what you do best and focus more time on your business.

Web Design FAQs

Give us a call on 03 8595 7333 if you would like to know more.

A custom website refers to web design that is created to be one-of-a-kind and personalised to your business. A professional website designer will consider your specific customers journey and create a website that best caters to your businesses specific success metrics. With custom website design, we don’t use third-party templates or out of the box designs.

Using Custom Web Design instead of a website template increases your website’s opportunity for success. A template will include elements that do not support your businesses goals, that may distract customers and even slow down your website, which can damage SEO performance. Also, a website template looks generic and doesn’t give your business the opportunity to shine online.

Custom Web Design is important for businesses who want to reach more customers and convert more sales/leads.

When you invest in Custom Web Design, you’re ensuring your customers experience your business’s unique selling points in a digital setting. Custom Web Design leads to happier customers, more website traffic and better website conversion rates.

Custom Web Design features a bespoke designed website that customers love to use. The opportunities are endless, but can include integrated social media feeds, personalised illustrations and icons, interactive website elements and so much more.

Professional Custom Web Design from experts such as Fox & Lee means your website will work seamlessly, no matter what devices your customers use.

Custom Web Design should look and feel great for the user. It should harmoniously incorporate any and all elements that make your business successful online. It should champion your brand in use of stylisations and colour.

The time taken to complete a Custom Web Design project is calculated based on the specific needs of the project. Once the specific requirements of the project have been explained and documented, the project duration can be calculated and a project timeline created.

When you invest in a professional Custom Web Design, you’re utilising their experience and technical understanding of User Experience. You’re maximising industry best practices and opportunities for success.

We have clients all across Melbourne, VIC – including:

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“The team at Fox & Lee are the best web developers we've ever worked with.”

“David and the team at Fox & Lee are the best web developers we have ever worked with. They made it so easy, were very open and transparent, knew exactly what they were doing and produced a fantastic website for us!”
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