5 Ways We Can Use Digital Marketing to Grow your Store Online

Digital Marketing to grow your online store

You’ve built an Online Store? Congratulations! Now you need to start growing your business by generating more customers. With Digital Marketing, you can grow your store online with new web traffic as well as engage return users. 

We find too many agencies focus on the quantity of the impressions or clicks being generated than the quality.  When you work with eCommerce specialists like Fox & Lee we understand the intricate details of how your business works and develop strategies that are conversion and revenue-focused. 

We use our expert knowledge to drive customers to your website, not just numbers on a spreadsheet. So, here are the 5 ways we can use digital marketing to grow your online store:

Search Engine Advertising 

Whether you call it Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Advertising (SEA), it’s important to get in front of people who are searching for your business. 

We can increase your store’s visibility and maximise the opportunities Google and/or Bing present to find new customers. SEA is a popular marketing option and we craft strategies that incorporate Search, Display and Shopping

When you work with Fox & Lee you have the opportunity to have professionally designed Display advertising retargeting the efforts of your Search campaign. We optimise your Shopping presence to help put your best foot (or in this case, products) forward.

Search Engine Optimization

Your online store has a valuable opportunity to generate organic search traffic. Fox & Lee can work with you to develop a long term strategy focused on ranking for keywords and staying above competitors

We can design SEA and SEO campaigns to work in unison and maximise results. Also, we can include SEO as part of your Website Care Plans or growth strategy. 

We have the expertise and technical knowledge to achieve your SEO goals through anything from content strategy to web developmental options.

Social Media

No matter the platform, Fox & Lee can develop a social strategy that targets your ideal customers. From the social-commerce of Facebook and Instagram to the B2B market opportunities offered by LinkedIn, we can reach your customers where they live online.

Social advertising should be sharp and visual. The digital strategists and expert designers at Fox & Lee, make you stand out from the crowd

Content Strategy

Complimentary to any SEO efforts made, we can action a content creation strategy that keeps your messaging fresh and your site up to date with industry and consumer trends.

We can adapt our tone and style to create content that is in line with your branding and marketing objectives. Professionally written content can be shared across your social network to aid in establishing your desired online image.

Email or Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) Marketing

From automation to promotion we can create email templates that speak to your customer. We focus on creating visually striking templates paired with results-focused copy. 

We can automate email marketing that works in conjunction with your online store. Whether you need new reviews or to promote an upcoming sale, we can make the process easy and repeatable no matter the size of your customer base.

Digital Marketing that gets results

Fox & Lee develop strategies focused on your unique business needs. We achieve this through a return on investment focused and personalised metrics. We combine platforms and services to create the best full-service approach for your business.

Other agencies focus on channeling traffic from the services they specialize in. Fox & Lee’s holistic approach to Digital Marketing is to design solutions that are specific to your business and your customers. We develop customer-centred and conversion-focused messages wherever your customers are.

We’d love to start talking strategy and get to know your goals, so either contact us or call us on 03 9043 1039, so we can start introducing new customers to your online store.

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