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At Fox & Lee, we turn your eCommerce website dreams into a reality. You want to drive real results, and we’re ready and willing to put you in the driver’s seat!

Whether it’s your first website or you need to do a complete overhaul of your existing site, we’ve got your back. With our expertise and genuine passion for helping our clients, you’ll find yourself with an outstanding website that gives your customers the shopping experience they’ve been searching for.

In taking your less-than-optimised and underperforming eCommerce site under our wing, it will transform into a sales generating machine!

Working with us

The Pathway to Success


The first step can be the most difficult to take, but once you’ve done it, you’re officially on the path to success. We’ll delve into your business to discover who your customer is, where you are now, and where your new website needs to take you.


The creativity begins! In the design stage, we get down to it and present you with an online design concept. You’ll review it and provide feedback, and we’ll work together through to the final approved design. This is by far, the most exciting part as you see it all come to life.


In this stage, we’ll turn the approved design into a fully functioning eCommerce website. We’ll handle the nuts and bolts and all that nitty-gritty before we present it to you, ready for you to interact with and test.

Going Live

This is where your website is finally shared with the world. From here, you can start promoting your site and begin to generate revenue. The dream comes to life and the world can see it!

Ongoing Support

If you thought that was all you got for your investment, think again! We’d love to be part of your long-term success. Because of this, we provide business-grade website hosting and ongoing support and maintenance under our website care plans. This way, we can ensure your investment continues to be well maintained and monitored on an ongoing basis.


While your new website is now live, there’s still work to be done. Marketing is the final step on the path that will ensure your site can be found in a Google search. With marketing tactics in place, you’ll drive traffic to your site and dominate your online space, ensuring your business can grow.

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The Fox & Lee Difference

“It’s our unique skillset and the way we work that make our websites perform so well!”

Trying to force your online business into a generic template just won’t work. Just like different body shapes need different clothes – every eCommerce business needs a custom-fit website to work properly. We structure and design our sites to strategically work for Google and be exclusive to your business. And, to do that, you need an expert web-tailor that knows how eCommerce works so you get the right fit for you and your customer.

David, CEO & Strategy - Fox & Lee

Outcomes of working with Fox & Lee
When your eCommerce website is built by the team of experts at Fox & Lee you will get a website that:
ecommerce website designer Melbourne

Maximise & Protect Your Investment

Digital Marketing

Your customers can only engage with your website if they can find it!

That’s why digital marketing is an essential part of any online strategy for your company. Once we’ve designed and developed your website, we can offer targeted search marketing strategies that maximise your website investment.

Ongoing Support

We’d like to be part of your success long term.

Because of this, we provide business-grade website hosting and ongoing support and maintenance under our website care plans. Ensuring your investment continues to be well maintained and monitored on an ongoing basis.

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eCommerce Website FAQs

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eCommerce website design is website design that focuses on the online buying and selling of goods and services. Quality eCommerce website design takes your customers wants and needs into account and tailors a website that encompasses these things, providing a bespoke shopping experience they’ll come back to again and again.

Some eCommerce website design solutions are ‘off the rack’, taking a one size fits all approach. However, this doesn’t take your business’s individual needs and goals into account. But, WordPress and WooCommerce do, allowing you to customise what you otherwise couldn’t, and provide fast and effective solutions as your business begins to grow.

You sure can, and it’s highly recommended! Professional eCommerce website designers like Fox & Lee believe it’s best to do things correctly the first time, rather than taking what appears to be a cheaper route, but ends up costing you more time and money in the long run. 

We use best practices to create the ultimate shopping experience for your customers, maximising conversion opportunities for your business. There are design, development, and technical factors that work together to ultimately produce a money-making digital asset. Your website will offer returns for years after it’s developed.

Keeping your business’ website design onshore means your website designers are aware of the Australian market trends and know how to overcome any specific hurdles that may pop up along the way. Plus, it’s convenient— no more trying to work out who’s in which timezone and making a mistake, ending up on a 4 am Zoom call!

With our years of experience and slew of real-world results, you know you can count on us to tailor a business-specific strategy that best suits you. This is personalised for each business, and as such, there isn’t one specific example strategy that will work for all businesses. We spend time getting to know you, your business, and its goals in order to come up with your personalised strategy.

When you choose to work with Fox & Lee, we tailor a strategy specific to your business that aims to increase your chances of success. While a pre-built theme can seem easier in the short term, ultimately they don’t take your business goals and needs into account. This can lead to conflict with the website’s code and could even slow your website down, negatively impacting your SEO performance.

A reliable server is a must, as it ensures your website stays online and remains functional. Fox & Lee use privately-run servers that we manage and maintain, meaning you don’t need to worry about your website hosting being overloaded. With our Australia-based servers, we keep a close eye on your website, helping you to see large amounts of online traffic and generate meaningful revenue.

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