Business Website Care Plans

A business website care plan means your website is monitored, secure and backed up.

When you are on a business website care plan, you’ll have our dedicated team of experts to support and grow your business with regular attention to security, backups, software updates, and of course… the strategy behind your ongoing growth.

$90 per month + GST

Cancel anytime, no Long-Term Contracts

Additional support available at a discounted rate


$197 per month + GST

Cancel anytime, no Long-Term Contracts

Additional support available at a discounted rate

$397 per month + GST

Cancel anytime, no Long-Term Contracts

Additional support hours available at a discounted rate


We all hate a slow website? And believe us…Google feels exactly the same!

A slow loading website means frustrated visitors who give up waiting for your website to load, meaning you lose potential leads or thousands of dollars in sales. A slow website can damage your sales and cash-flow, especially if you are a start-up.

Our Premium WordPress Hosting is tailored to your specific needs and is structured specifically for WordPress, ensuring the best possible environment for your website’s performance. 

Your website may have been neglected for some time, and like any high-performance machine, it needs regular maintenance and tuning.

Our website performance services include:

  • Upgrading your website and plugins to the latest versions
  • Security hardening to make your website less of a target for hackers
  • Complete security scan, and removal of any malware removal
  • Full backup of your website for safekeeping
  • Speed optimisation to speed up your website’s loading time for visitors
  • Repair any broken links for better SEO results
  • Detailed website review and recommendations on how your website could be improved

Price: $599 single payment (+ 10% GST)


Our Protect Plan is perfect for your personal or business website that absolutely needs to be safe and secure and gives you peace of mind that if something did go wrong, like a hacking, we would have been alerted and fixed the issue before you even knew about it.

Our Advanced Plan is perfect for a small business eCommerce websites that need to be well maintained and cannot afford to be offline for any length of time. This plan comes with 90 minutes of support time, which allows for website changes to be made, such as uploading of a blog, updating of text or other minor tweaks or adjustments to improve the website performance, as well as the comfort of knowing our technical expertise is at your disposal.

Our Advanced + Plan is perfect for a busy business or eCommerce website that needs that extra attention and support to ensure it is running at peak performance. You get 240 minutes of support time every month, which is needed for a busy website.

  • The updating of text or images anywhere on the website provided to us via our support portal
  • The answering of any technical questions related to the website
  • The fixing of any minor bugs and complete any minor code change that takes less than 1 hour to update

If the requested work is estimated to takes longer then 1 hour we will seek permission before going ahead. If you do not have enough time left in your monthly allocation, we will request that you purchase the required pre-paid support hours before we proceed with the work. Alternatively, we will ask if you are happy to wait until your monthly retainer ticks over and have the work completed then when your support time allowance is full again.

Our general turn around time is 1-2 business days. Delays can sometimes occur if we are dealing with third-party providers as there can be a time delay in getting a response or if your instructions are not clear and required clarification. Clear instructions are critical to a fast turn around time.

Areas of the website and tasks not covered within the ‘website support’ are any design related tasks and the updating of advanced or custom features and functions that are not currently a part of the website.

If you have a task that is beyond what is included in your plan, we’ll need you to fill in a separate project brief so we can be clear on what you need and create a separate quote.

However, we will evaluate requests that exceed your plan on a case by case basis, and with approval, work past the time and bill for time exceeded at the support rate listed on your plan.

The answer is yes. But we will review your current hosting provider and if we see the performance to be unsatisfactory for your business needs, we will recommend a Fox & Lee website premium hosting package that will boost your website’s performance.

To migrate your website across to one of our Premium Web Hosting packages we offer a one-off fee starting at $200 (+ GST)

Your credit card will be charged automatically at the start of each month.
Once payment is complete we will email you a tax invoice to your designated email address.

Of course!

In life as in business, things can change and we are not about locking people into a contract they no longer need. We are all about building long last relationships, and if you decide you no longer need our services simply email us at [email protected], and we will immediately put a stop on the next payment.

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