6 Google Trends that have shown us Online Shopping will continue after lockdown

6 Google Trends

Online Shopping is very popular at the moment. Consumers needs have changed and a lot of businesses have had to change the way they do things to survive through the COVID-19 Outbreak. We’re hearing a lot of questions about whether online shopping will continue at the same pace after local lockdowns end and the pandemic is resolved.

We’ve looked at Google Trends and compared some keywords to see what consumers have been looking for over the last 12 months. This helps to show us how people were shopping before and what’s happening now.

Understanding the demand for online shopping can help when considering a custom ecommerce website for reaching new customers.

‘Buy Online’ VS ‘Buy In Store’

online shopping buy online buy in store

The trend is really easy to read here. For ‘buy online’ you can see that after the peak brought on by the first wave of restrictions that search traffic has still maintained at a higher level than where it previously sat.

Across Australia people have been looking for things to ‘buy online’ more than ‘buy in store’ consistently over the last 12 months.

‘Delivery’ VS ‘Click and Collect’

online shopping delivery click and collect

A very similar trend on this comparison. Omnichannel retailing has become increasingly more popular in recent years. While both ‘delivery’ and click and collect’ involve visiting a website, delivery allows customers to not have to leave their home. So unsurprisingly delivery has been incredibly popular through the COVID-19 Outbreak.

As with the pervious example, a years worth of data shows that customers have been happily engaging independently with a company’s website for some time now. The interest in delivery seems to be still growing. It’s an opportunity for your store to reach customers wherever they exist.

‘Online Sale’ VS ‘In Store Sale’

online shopping online sale in store sale

Search traffic for customers looking for an ‘online sale’ has peaked and dropped over the last 12 months before positively settling in recent months. A small peak of interest for ‘in store’ sales can be seen at Christmas. Comparing this to the traffic for ‘online sale’ seems unfair but it’s relevant.

People looking for sales in stores are seasonal, but the data shows people are nearly always looking for sales online. We think this is a huge indicator for why online shopping will continue at a similar rate after lockdowns are lifted.

The COVID-19 Outbreak can be very stressful for those managing a business. You may be conflicted about whether it is a good time to adapt your business model and expand your digital presence.

Your customers are online, and they aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

With all the support available to Victorian businesses it is a great time to invest in an innovative online shopping experience to engage more customers.

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