Why Customers aren’t Staying on your Webshop

Why customers aren’t staying on your webshop

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on generating traffic to your website and not seeing those potential customers buy anything. Whether it’s a high bounce rate or cart’s being abandoned, it makes you wonder, why aren’t customers staying on your webshop? 

Fox and Lee are experts in User Experience (UX) design and understanding of the customer journey. Turning customers from ‘just browsing’ to ‘just shopping’ is what we do best. So, we’re able to offer insights into what factors may be behind your low website conversion rate. To do this we’ll explore the journey of where your customers are coming from, to the greeting they receive from your landing page. And what roadblocks you have the power to remove from that journey.

First Impressions Matter

It’s important to think about how your customers find you. Are you running any marketing campaigns currently? Most paid online advertising channels offer audience targeting on their platform. This is a key opportunity for you to qualify your incoming traffic. Google lets you target people who are actively considering a purchase. If you know what interests your shoppers generally have, then that can be a focus in your social media strategy.

Digital Marketing isn’t just about bringing in more traffic. When you work with a digital strategist, it’s about finding the right traffic. If you have an effective marketing campaign set up, you’re more likely to have people who are likely to convert visiting your website.

Part of this is considering what messaging customers are exposed to when first being made aware of your brand. If your paid-advertising or organic efforts are disqualifying your audience in the awareness phase, you’re only setting yourself up for more work later on. What might that mean? Maybe you’re running a campaign for a specific product. You wouldn’t want people to become unaware of your other offerings from this and think that’s the only product you have to offer. Remember the big picture.

You want to connect with the right audience and you want to be saying what they need to hear. If the right customers aren’t visiting your webshop, it might be because you’re not talking to them.

Google, theseare the Droids you’re Looking for

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves a lot of moving parts. How search engines crawl and index your pages has a huge effect on who will find your website. Keyword strategies are implemented to make sure if a customer is looking, they find you. Without those strategies though, more of the wrong people might find you.

Obviously not ranking for desired keywords has the adverse effect of the customer you want not being able to see you. But, you can also rank for keywords that are irrelevant to your business without even knowing it. This will bring more traffic to your website who aren’t likely to buy anything.

Working with an SEO strategist means you’re again, qualifying your incoming traffic. You make sure you’re visible to the right people and not the wrong ones. Aside from the increased visibility and traffic brought on by SEO, it’s also a very targeted way of filtering who lands on your website.

Judging a Book by its Cover

So now we have the right person on your website. The next problem is getting them to hang around. A metric known as your bounce rate shows how many people click straight off your website. This sucks. You want people to click through your website, discover who you are and what you offer them. If you’ve lost them in seconds of them finding you, then this is a huge problem for your business.

UX design refers to when we build a website that isn’t only beautiful but functions with the focus of the experience your users will have online. This means well-functioning menus. Clear information that is easy to read and visualisation that help sell your offering. It’s about looking through the customer’s eyes and making sure they can quickly identify they’re in the right place and they can find what they need.

Building a website without UX design significantly lowers your chances of website sales conversion. Your website is an investment into your business and it is important for it to become a selling tool that contributes to your revenue. Not having a UX focused design is a reason why customers aren’t staying on your webshop.

Lost in (Web) Space

We’ve got your customer interested and they’re now browsing your website. The next hurdle we can face is them not being able to find what they are looking for. Does your website have a search bar? Does it work well?

How are the categories laid out? Are titles vague or do they clearly communicate what can be found on each page? The ability to navigate and explore your website it’s just important for people finding that one thing they’re looking for. You should always aspire to increase your basket size and the value of your average transaction. Your website needs to make finding things that are relevant to your customer easy and natural.

This is another way in which a lack of customer-centric design hurts your business. Fox and Lee can work with already established websites to redesign or improve what’s there and increase your sales with our strategic design capabilities.

Getting Customers over the Line to Increase your Bottom Line

Have you ever been in a shop where it’s cash only but you only have card? It’s quite likely you didn’t end up buying anything. Whether it’s the payment integration or a lack of shipping availability, if your customers aren’t able to purchase what’s in their cart the way they want to, there’s a good chance they won’t.

Our developers are able to include complex shipping options or API integration that expands your payment options in your webshop. This stops them from giving up and going to look somewhere else.

Your website always needs to be focused on your customer’s needs and experience. If customers aren’t staying on your webshop, it’s likely their needs aren’t being met. The good news is, this is never too late to fix.

Fox and Lee are award-winning web designers who specialize in UX design and eCommerce solutions. We can create the features and functions your website needs to be successful. We are a full-service agency who are committed to working with you over the life of your website. This includes an offering of care plans and digital marketing services to grow your business.

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