5 Ways to make your eCommerce solutions more profitable 

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Does this sound familiar? You have great products on your eCommerce solution, your customers love you, but your revenue growth has become stagnant? 

Don’t worry, because an expert eCommerce agency like Fox & Lee can help you identify why this is happening and deliver solutions that help elevate your business and increase your sales.

Let’s have a look at some of the different ways together we can make your eCommerce solution more profitable for your business.

Engaging Web Design

You want your website to stand out, for the right reasons. It’s important your website is a professional reflection of your business. You might find a template that looks great and resonates with your target market but compromises the finer details that lets your business’s unique selling points shine through.

We recently redesigned an eCommerce business which resulted in a Revenue Growth of 135.38% in the first month! It shows that redesigning a website is an investment that will contribute direct results to your bottom line.

When you use ecommerce web design professionals like Fox & Lee, we can take all the things you love on a website and pair it with attention to detail that will hook your customers and convert users into shoppers.  

Responsive Web Design

The next challenge is having a website that looks great, everywhere. Your eCommerce solution needs to be engaging to the same level across desktop, mobile and tablet. This is where responsive web design comes into play.

Statista reports that earlier this year 51.53% of all web traffic was coming from mobile devices. Imagine if 51.53% of your customers can’t engage with your online store? That’s going to hurt your sales.

Using a professional agency like Fox & Lee ensures the website isn’t only developed to work across devices, but it’s also put through rigorous testing to make sure everything works perfectly. 

Payment Gateways and Shipping Solutions 

Does your target audience love using pay later services like ZipPay or AfterPay? Then it should be on your website. We can integrate features such as different payment gateways or complex shipping solutions onto your website with ease.

As an example, AfterPay advertises that their retailers who use them experience a 30% increase in new customers, an average order increase of 40% and a 22% increase in cart conversion. Optimising your website to offer the flexibility your customers expect while shopping online is an easy way to not only remain competitive but directly influence your sales revenue. 


Do you use MailChimp, CRMs or Social Media? We can integrate them into your website to make it easier to manage, saving you time and allowing you to spend that energy in sales-focused activities. 

It’s easier to keep your customers engaged by automating follow up emails or creating targeted messages with special offers and sales events. We can help you strategically time requests for reviews to maximise the likelihood of a response which helps promote your website. 

Online Marketing for eCommerce solutions

Build it and they will come? Not always. You need to help your customers learn where to find you. Online Marketing can include Search Engine Advertising or Social Media. But, in a nutshell, it’s about getting your message in front of potential customers.

Experts like Fox & Lee develop targeting strategies to design advertising that is results-oriented and targets customers most likely to convert on your eCommerce solution. You can do it yourself, but you’d be wasting money that professionals use to optimise your strategy and deliver a measurable return on investment. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

SEO done right is a lot of moving parts. A full-service web agency can optimise each part to achieve the best results possible. We combine content marketing with website optimisation and maintenance to make Search Engines love your online store.

We take the time to pick out keywords that are achievable to rank for, as well as genuinely traffic generating. What this means for you is SEO that is maintainable and puts your business in front of competitors.

Are you ready to increase the bottom line of your eCommerce solution? Give us a call on (03) 9043 1039 or fill out the form below. Then we can work out what bottlenecks are hurting your business and what measurable and achievable solutions we can put together to overcome them. Together, we can grow your online business and achieve your digital goals.

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