Why it’s important for your vet practice to have a modern website

If your vet website is not up to date with your services or it simply looks dated then that will reflect on the type of clients you pull in and it will be effecting your Google search results.

There’s a few things we need to take into account with your vet website and what it is actually doing for your practice to benefit from it. Lets go over five important things:

1. A modern website looks like a modern vet practice

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, yet that is exactly what everyone does! Especially when it comes to choosing a vet practice for our beloved fur babies. This is why your vet website should reflect your practice and the modern facilities it has.

In these modern times, the amount of knowledge consumers now have about businesses comes from what they learn online, before they reach out.
People get a great deal of emotional connection from a website, especially from the pictures they see and the words that are used. If they visit your vet website and see that it looks a little dated, then that reflects on the possibility of the practice being dated.

Once a client has had a visit with you and had a great experience, the likelihood of them staying as permanent client is very high, but they first need to find your vet practice and feel good about visiting – which leads us onto our next point.

2. Rank higher with Google

A modern vet website that has a new updated design and coding, means Google is likely to favour your site because of how it has been structured and how it has been coded. Google loves a highly structured site and one that has been created especially for its Google-bots to scan it.
At Fox & Lee, when we design a veterinary website, we structure it specifically for Google and so that Google rates it higher than a non-structured site.

Our designers are not your standard run-of the mill designers, our designers are User Experience designers, which means we design for humans to use the site easily and we design for Google to rate it highly – all in the one hit. Our designers have this experience and knowledge on how to structure your site so it looks brilliant and ranks very high. This means, as a vet owner, you benefit from the website doing its job once it goes live and not worrying about all the technical things that come along with creating and launching a website.

3. Mobile Friendly

An updated modern vet website is also mobile friendly, which is an absolute must in this day and age! 60% of consumer website browsing is done on a mobile, and (going back to what Google likes), if your vet website is not mobile friendly, then Google will penalise the site and drop it further down the list – giving other mobile friendly websites a higher rank. Plus, it’s annoying for people to visit your site on their mobile and not to have it working properly – this directly relates back to point #1 (a modern website looks like a modern vet practice.

4. Scalable and easy to update

At Fox & Lee, when we create a vet website, we build it with the option to add or scale it to be bigger without a dramatic rise in cost. Because our websites are custom created, it means it’s quite easy for your staff to update it and to scale it up and add services at a later date.

5. Modern functionality

An updated vet website means more modern functionality can be added to it; like online bookings or pet product purchasing and so on. Some of the great add-ons available for vet websites these days (like a booking system) means your website needs to be up-to-date for these functions and add-ons to work in the first.

The take-away on this is that an updated vet website means a better reflection on the type of vet practice you run, much better Google results, a mobile friendly site that people will love to use, you and your staff can easily update it and tweak your services and, more modern functionality can be added (like a booking system).

At Fox & Lee, we build custom designed vet websites that reflect the type of practice you have.
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