Images DO matter if you want to capture the true spirit of your vet practice

If you want your vet website to reflect how fantastic your team is, with the genuine care your vets and nurses provide, along with the brilliant vibe at your practice, then a photoshoot is well worth the investment. There’s nothing like having images of the real people you see at the practice on your website (and on your social media account). People visiting your vet website can then see you and your team and they can see exactly what the vibe of the practice is.

Visiting a vet practice is an emotional visit for humans and for our fur-babies too. But if the humans feel good about it, then our fur-babies feel better about it too. So starting that journey for them with real images of your team culture and what the practice looks like helps put people at ease. Plus, people love it! They get a kick out of seeing the real vet clinic and where they are about to go.

It’s a chance for you to visually show how good the vet practice is and what sort of products and facilities you have available. People love seeing this type of thing and it helps them connect with a provider that could possibly be in their lives for the life of their pet.

If your vet practice works with some unorthodox pets, then showing a few images of yourself and your staff with that snake, lizard, ferret or turtle is a huge thrill for pet owners alike. Especially when they see that their beloved pet can now be looked after by a vet close by.

The images can also be used on your vet social media platform. This is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers and share images of your clients visits and your team doing what they do best.

At Fox & Lee, we organise photoshoots for quite a lot of our website clients and it always turns out brilliantly. The experience of the photographer being there and capturing everyone together and working away is an event that everyone loves and feel great about.

What’s the takeaway here; If you want to capture the true spirit of your vet practice and you don’t want to use stock images, then a photoshoot is definitely worth the investment. The benefits of your own personal imagery being shown on your vet website and social media account completely transforms the message being sent and how your practice is conceived.

At Fox & Lee, we build custom designed vet websites that reflect the type of practice you have and organise professional photography to be done. Even if you have a website and just want a few updates done, we can help out. Get in touch with us today – book a free video consultation and we can talk you through it.

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