South Australia Mobilisation + Empowerment for Sexual Health

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A unique, powerful and safe space for everyone to access

SAMESH (South Australia Mobilisation + Empowerment for Sexual Health) was created as part of a joint initiative between lead agency, SHINE SA and Thorne Harbour Health (formerly the Victorian AIDS Council). This innovative approach answers a need within South Australia for community-based support in educating, training and advocacy of sexual health and HIV.

SAMESH offers a range of services and initiatives all designed to provide people with information and programs to enhance their sexual health and well-being. Their services are open to people of all cultural backgrounds and gender experiences.

Being an information and educational based corporate website, it was paramount that the content on the site was front and centre and easily accessible with a great user experience. Our approach was to balance out the heavy content components with stunning imagery that had an emotional connection and represented the real-world, and to deliver a user-friendly navigation system.

The structure was mapped out to first consider the navigation as a priority, while also providing users with a great reading experience. The easy-to-use menu system allows visitors to access the huge number of resources and vital information without having to think about it. Supported by the excellent design work – this beautifully designed corporate website nicely balances all these components with custom development and coding to ensure a fast, smooth and high performing site across all devices.

By dissecting the SAMESH logo and using geometric elements of the brand, we were able to scatter the patterns across the website giving the platform a larger brand awareness and consistency with the visual tone of voice.

SAMESH is a meshing of the best parts of two organisations to create something unique and powerful, specifically positioned to provide the community with a safe and inviting space for all to access.

Services Provided
Services Provided

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