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Finding the hidden gem and turning it into more

Procal Dairies is one of the largest independent dairy companies in Australia, supplying fresh milk, yoghurt and other dairy products to local and overseas markets.

Being a business website meant the core message and goal was to showcase their amazing range of dairy products, capture the company culture and the high-end process of farmer to production and on to distribution. Not only was this delivered, but so much more potential was discovered during the course of the design that the site turned into a delicious hub of valuable information and resources.

Working closely with the team at Procal Dairies, we carefully planned out the website user experience with wireframes and site mapping to provide them with a clear understanding of how the site would function and the placement of elements for each page.

Procal Dairies are a supplier, which meant their website had the possibility of being a corporate site that only retailers, cafes and purchasing offers would visit. We wanted to provide a website that was more than that, we wanted to give visitors a reason to keep coming back and open up the target audience to include families, cooks, schools and education facilities as well as corporate businesses. This was achieved with the addition of the now hugely popular recipes page, a news page and a new product releases area.

The Procal Dairies website took a whole new turn from being a corporate supply website to an information packed consumer friendly site, ramping up their social media following and communicating to a whole new demographic. The new addition of the sustainability practices has also opened the door to a new level of followers supporting the business and getting involved.

The Procal Dairies website is a wonderful example of how we help improve the online experience to be so much more than what was ever thought, ultimately improving business and tapping into an area that sometimes feels out of reach.

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Services Provided

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