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A unique spin on getting customers into the physical store, plus buy online

All we can say is – the shop is amazing! What a brilliant project to be a part of. This was certainly one of our designers favourite projects to work on. With so many elements to draw inspiration from and the creative freedom to design the site in a retro, vintage style was a dream come true.

Down to the nitty gritty; Mancave Madness had unique requirements for their end goal, which was to get people in the door, plus increase online sales and website traffic. Customers who shopped at Mancave Madness had an uncommon way of shopping with this retailer, but we were up for the challenge.

A visit to the shop was most likely the first point of their experience with Mancave Madness, spending about an hour in the shop, and of course purchasing items. Then shopping online after having been at the shop and seeing, first hand, what the products look like.

This mentality of retail shopping in not uncommon, but in todays online world, it is becoming a rarity. The client still wanted online sales and traffic to increase, but they still wanted people coming through the doors, wanting their physical foot traffic to increase as well.

Our challenge was to create a sense of emotion and bring about those feelings of wanting to visit the shop. The online shopping experience was important to maintain, but the tone of voice needed to communicate to online shoppers that visiting the shop would be just as spectacular and well worth the visit. This was achieved by using large photography of the shop and showcasing some of the stock that could only be purchased in-store, while promoting both online sales and in-store sales.

The site was carefully planned out with competitor research, wireframes, a user journey and communication strategies to ensure the correct tone of voice and wording was used. The attention to detail that our designer put on this project makes all the difference in creating that emotional online experience – from pinball flippers, to small screws, art deco styling, custom illustrations, typeface options and colour choices. High-end designs that focus on elements like this make a huge difference to the end user and how they feel when arriving to the site.

The launch of the ecommerce website went off with a bang and Mancave Madness have experienced exactly what we set out to have happen – more online sales and increased foot traffic to the shop.

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Services Provided

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