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The wonderful Lilydale Vet Centre refreshes their website

Lilydale Vet Centre is an independent vet clinic offering excellent vet care service, amazing customer service and a wonderfully inviting environment for you and your pet family member.

Being a business website meant the core message and goal was to showcase the vet medical care offered, capture the clinic culture and provide an easy booking function that customers could use 24/7. Not only was this delivered, but so much more potential was discovered during the course of the design that the website turned into an excellent hub of valuable information and resources for both pet owners and vet professionals.

Working closely with the team at Lilydale Vet Centre, we carefully planned out the website user experience with wireframes and site mapping to provide them with a clear understanding of how the site would function and the placement of elements for each page.

This website was a complete rebuild to a brand-new website with fresh new features and capabilities. We wanted to capture the family vibe and welcoming environment that you felt when you walk into the clinic and create a website that conveyed this message in abundance. This emotional connection was achieved with the addition of a full screen video on the home page that shows a customer walking into the clinic and what they are presented with – which is a happy and welcoming environment.

After focussing on the vet medical services offered and implementing third party vet booking software, Vetstoria, we were able to shift our focus to the staff and create individual bio’s. This provides another element in capturing the family vibe at Lilydale Vet Centre.

One of the many stand out features of the website was the introduction of the emergency button in the top menu. This brilliant feature was created by our wonderful user experience designer who worked closely with our developer to ensure it worked smoothly on all devices. The slide-out function offers instant emergency information for pet owners to see opening hours, a phone number and get directions at the click of a button. To improve on this function, our UX designer added the secondary vet emergency information that provides pet owners with an always available emergency contact. When the Lilydale Vet Centre closes, their own information is ghosted and turns light grey, while the next closest emergency vet clinic information is highlighted below it. Working closely with our developer team, our UX designer ensured the backend coding was programmed to turn on and off on certain days and times so that the feature worked seamlessly across all devices.

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Services Provided

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