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Luxurious and high-end furniture and homewares to live beautifully

Retail eCommerce Website Design & Development

A sophisticated extension of Domo’s high-end brand

With furniture innovations and beautifully aesthetic textiles, Domo Furniture lead the industry with luxury and the desire to live beautifully. With their striking European furniture, a website with large imagery was required to showcase the stunning detail and workmanship. The Domo website was created with a custom shopping experience that integrates with their in-store POS systems across six stores, including the warehouse.

The challenge on this project was organising their massive range of furniture and homewares into clear and concise categories, while marrying it up with their internal POS system for a seamless stock count.

The search experience needed to included easy to understand filters so users could narrow down particular items. The search filters not only include the style of furniture, but also drill down to cover textile types such as leather, wool or suede.

Fitting nicely into the white-space trend and allowing the images to stand out as the hero visuals. The site is a sophisticated extension of Domo’s high-end brand.

Services Provided
Services Provided

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