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Getting ready to jump into the ring with some pretty big players

This particular industry of business is a competitive one, which meant as a start up, Coffeeteca were jumping into the ring with some pretty big players. The challenge set out before us was to ensure that the launch of the site would see our client rise up to the top, quickly, and get plenty of traffic in the shortest amount of time possible.

Being a start up, this ecommerce website design and development project was a first for Coffeeteca, but it was done right from the start. With a clear business plan and financial projections already set out by the client, meant we could quickly get to work on an SEO digital marketing campaign well and truly before the launch of the site.

Having a digital marketing plan in place before the design took place, is like having a little head-start on the race. The marketing plan has an on-flow effect to the structure and design of the site, ensuring we place relevant call-to-actions in strategic positions and include “up-sell” features to increase purchase amount in the cart.

Founders, Andrew and Afonso, were brutally honest in understanding that the machines they were offering consumers were the same big brands that could be purchased from larger retailers. They knew they needed a big point of difference to come out on top and that’s where Fox & Lee came in to help. With industry research and competitor analysis we found the best chance they had was to go in at a competitive price point and offer something else that not many online coffee machine retailers were offering…excellent customer service! Let’s be honest – coffee machines can get a bit technical and having a friendly helping hand doesn’t hurt – it can sometimes be the difference between a sale and no sale.

Keyword research and industry analysis was where this project started. It paved the way for our creative team to receive a brilliant brief, outlining the plan of attack on a design layout that included smart selling elements set out by our marketing team. Ensuring Coffeeteca had a competitive edge right from the get-go.

A fully systemised ecommerce backend that nicely connected with stock inventory levels, meant they could offer a quick dispatch, leaving the warehouse either the same day or next day. This ultimately has an on-flow effect to customers receiving the products in a speedy time-frame too.

With our experience in ecommerce and retail selling tactics, we provided advice on how to increase the purchase amount and add value for the customer. This not only saw website traffic go up, but sales increased with more larger purchase amounts in the cart.

As an ecommerce business owner, when the most important aspect to your business is making a sale, you want to make sure you have a professional team that know ecommerce inside out with a sales background, to back you up and provide excellent advice on how to increase your sales.

Our ongoing SEO and Google Ads campaign for Coffeeteca shows a steady increase in sales, which continues to grow each month.

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Services Provided

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