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Bullion eCommerce Website Design & Development

An investment into a tangible item that holds more value than money itself

The Bullion Now ecommerce website design and development project was a complete overhaul of their older site, bringing the company into a new era of online shopping.

Bullion Now is one of Melbourne’s best places to buy and sell gold and silver bullion, and they needed a site that would address a number of requirements, but ultimately lead to two main factors; a better online shopping experience for their customers and a repositioning of the brand as a top tier bullion location Australia wide – tapping into more offshore customers.

The nature of buying and selling bullion products, especially gold bullion, is an emotional and strategic decision. It’s an investment into a tangible item that holds more value than money itself. Being of such high value, we wanted to communicate that Bullion Now are a serious company to guide, nurture and educate consumers decisions on their purchase or sale.

The strategy was very clear from the get-go: To completely redesign and rebuild the website and transform it into a consumer-friendly ecommerce platform with strong and secure features.

Standout project deliverables:

• The new custom ecommerce website design features wonderful imagery to support the brand message and convey a real-life presence into the beauty of bullion products

• Live auction functionality was integrated into the site with instant updates and a fast feed

• eCommerce development of a dynamic search area allows customers to search via product, keyword and two separate sku numbers

• The overall structure and layout of the site was mapped out by our user experience designer before the interface was added. This ensures a good flow, clear messaging, and an ultimate journey for users to discover, learn and buy.

• Integrating the reviews and star rating feature allowed data to feed through to Google, giving Bullion Now a competitive edge on launch

• A huge video resources page that it updated daily by the Bullion Now team with with live talks, product releases and Q&A sessions

• Large product imagery shows the products in a stunning light, giving you a very clear view of the item from all sides. Including a video for each product which gives visitors the ultimate reality on the size, colour and texture. You just can’t beat a video when it comes to selling items online.

• Currency converting functionality was integrated into the site, allowing offshore customers to view the price in their chosen currency without the need to calculate exchange rates. This is a great way of including user-friendly features on a site making the experience smooth to a huge audience.

This fully custom ecommerce website design and development project is feature rich, with a strong backend system for staff to manage product levels, online orders and provide a great customer service experience. The new website will absorb you into the world of bullion and is an absolute joy to browse.

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