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Brickman Website Design & Development

Building a new website for the ultimate Brickman team

What a brilliant project to be a part of. This was certainly one of our favourite projects to work on. With so many elements to draw inspiration from and the creative freedom to work with lego elements and the amazing Brickman team.

The Brickman site is predominantly a business information based website with an ecomm shopping component. The Brickman shop sells branded merchandise and apparel, however, while this component held importance, it was the exhibitions that took centre stage. With the abundance of information and user experience planning, we set out to get inspired and do some creating and building of our own.

Down to the nitty gritty; The Brickman team had unique requirements for their end goal, which was to promote their amazing exhibitions resulting in more web traffic and physical foot traffic into the exhibits. And of course, inspire fans by taking them on a visual lego journey into The Brickman world.

The site was carefully planned out with wireframes, a user journey and communication strategies to ensure the correct tone of voice and wording was used. With the exhibitions being the main point of communication, it was paramount that users could easily find where and when an exhibition was happening and how to buy tickets. The secondary information (but by no means less important) was to take users into The Brickman world. Take them behind the scenes and into the mind of a professional lego builder, showcase the social fun aspects, the commission works and The Brickman shop.

The attention to detail that our designer put on this project makes all the difference in creating an emotional online experience and inspiring like-minded people to browse around with excitement. High-end designs that focus on elements like this make a huge difference to the end user and how they feel when arriving to the site.

Standout project deliverables:

  • High-end user experience web design with  stunning attention to detail
  • A fully custom designed and developed website that allowed complete control of the site look and feel
  • An interactive map for the exhibitions page so users could see a glimpse of all the exhibitions world-wide
  • API integrations for instant social media to feed through
  • Targeted SEO structure that allowed keywords to be inserted into strategic locations of each page
  • Smooth ecommerce integration of products with a seamless shopping cart and checkout user journey
  • Dedicated pages for channel nine’s hugely popular Lego Masters tv show



Services Provided
Services Provided

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