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Let’s start by being brutally honest with you. 90% of companies offering SEO services are not really doing that much, they sign on any client regardless if they are the right fit or not and promise them that they will get them to page 1 of Google in an unrealistic timeframe. And, because SEO is not a tangible thing – they get away with it.

SEO is a marathon not a race, and like any top athlete, you need to have a solid strategy and put in the hours and train hard to get to the front of the pack. That’s what we’re willing to do that for you. We already know how ecommerce SEO works, we just need to know more about your business to position you where you need to be.

Custom search engine optimisation strategies that get results

When it comes to ranking online, your SEO can be all the difference between placing at the top of page one and getting lost in the middle of page two.

This may not sound like a significant difference, but it definitely is when it comes to getting the online results you need and deserve. Customers need to find you in order to use your website, and the way to their line of sight is via good SEO.

At Fox & Lee, we create a plan specific to your on and off-site SEO positioning. Using our experience and expertise, we help you climb up those Google rankings until you’re sitting at the top. As you move up through the rankings you will see the traffic to your site steadily increase, leading to an increase in customers and revenue.

Working with us

How we are different

At Fox & Lee, we adopt a meticulous approach to SEO. We identify your businesses strengths as well as the weaknesses, and determine where you currently are in comparison to your competitors. From there we show you which areas we’ll need to correct first, helping you to get the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

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The Fox & Lee Difference

“No SEO campaign is quite the same, every business is different.”

Every business will have different challenges and competitors that they are up against. If we don’t believe we can get you the results you are after, or we feel we are not the right fit we will not take you on as a client no matter what you are willing to pay us!

David, CEO & Strategist - Fox & Lee

What you can expect
From our SEO technical analysis, you will learn:

Supporting Services

Google Ads

Because SEO is a marathon and not a race, while your SEO Campaign is underway in tandem we can run a Google Ads campaign (Pay per click).

This is based on the competitive nature of your product or services, which may result in a cost-effective method to drive traffic and increased revenue through your site.

Ongoing Support

We’d like to be part of your success long term.

Because of this, we provide business-grade website hosting and ongoing support and maintenance under our website care plan. Ensuring your investment continues to be well maintained and monitored on an ongoing basis.

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Book a free consultation call today to discuss your SEO requirements. Take the first step in making the change happen.


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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is a digital marketing service that helps you rise up the search engine results page (SERP). SEO works by noticing numerous factors on your site, and when your SEO is good (yes, it can be bad), it pushes you up the results page. This means that when somebody searches for a business of your type online, you’ll be clearly visible and as a result, they’ll be more likely to click through to your site.

Measuring SEO success is all about data. We use a variety of measures to determine whether your SEO is performing, and how it can be improved. We look at quantitative data like website rankings, website traffic, and conversions to measure your SEO success. Additionally, SEO success can also be determined by less quantifiable things such as brand awareness, industry authority, and online presence.

The cost of SEO varies for each campaign. To learn more about pricing, schedule a call with us today.

SEO is organic, and as such the results are earned rather than bought. It can take three to six months to see substantial results. Once you’ve achieved your goal, we maintain and continue to enhance your campaign to help your business continue to grow.

Google Ads is a form of pay per click (PPC) advertising. This means that you pay Google each time when somebody clicks through to your site, thanks to a Google Ad. While it can get you to page one of the search results faster, it’s less authentic and is a shorter-term solution than SEO. We often use SEO and Google Ads together to achieve the best results.

Along with regular communication from your campaign manager, we also send a comprehensive monthly SEO report. This ensures you see what’s going on as clearly as we do, as we believe transparency is key to a great working relationship. We work collaboratively with all our clients in person, via phone, and through email.

We’re a close-knit Melbourne team that always puts our customers’ success first. We’re passionate about what we do and the people we do it for, so you can always count on us to give 110% to your campaign. Honesty and transparency is critical to our success, and if we don’t believe we can achieve the desired results you are after, we will not take you on as a client.

Not ranking? It's time to change that.

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