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shopify website design melbourne

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We strategically design shopify websites to get real results. Whether it’s your first website or you need a complete rebuild of your current website, we’ll design a Shopify website that appeals to your ideal customer, that you can be proud of that results in revenue growth for your business.

Our shopify developers can also take your outdated, poorly designed website, and turn it into a website that your customers love, that you can be proud of that generates increased revenue for your business.

Why Choose Shopify

Are you looking for a powerful, user-friendly, and sustainable option to market your products or services? Shopify may be the perfect fit for you. This e-commerce platform adds an online store to your site that has a variety of features and beautifully designed shopify themes to optimise your web presence.

We can incorporate Shopify and their third party apps into your custom website to utilise the advantages of this platform. By combining this with our professional and unique web designs, your online marketing and customer interaction have the potential to skyrocket! We can analyse your requirements and develop a unique site that allows your customers or clients to interact with your products and services and initiate a successful and simple transaction.

Customisable online store

The Shopify design incorporates user-friendly interfaces that your Shopify developer can customise to suit your business goals. We will identify the most suitable features and can support you every step of the way towards developing your unique Shopify store.

Suitable for all business sizes

No matter the size of your business, your Shopify online store can be developed and designed to maximise the advantages of this powerful ecommerce platform.

Easy payment gateway integration

Navigating ecommerce systems can be challenging without experience. Being a full service web agency means we not only create your site, but integrate your payment gateway to make selling products simple.

Customer satisfaction

Online shoppers need to feel confident that their purchases will be safe and simple to conduct. With features such as inventory management, order tracking, and secure infrastructure for data protection, you can provide a Shopify store your customers can trust, improving customer retention.

Shopify web design Melbourne

Our Shopify experts utilise search engine optimisation, comprehensive digital marketing experience, and unique web development to drive your site traffic and customer satisfaction to help you get the most out of your online store. Shopify functionality allows best SEO practices to be implemented onto your website, maximising the amount of traffic you get from search engines such as Google.

Responsive web design

Online shoppers use a variety of devices to search for products and services. With our customised web design, mobile development and ongoing support, your business has the potential to capitalise on online marketing and sales across all devices.

Our Shopify Services

We offer a variety of services to develop a customised and impactful Shopify store for your business. Our aim is to utilise our technical expertise to create a web design and online store that promotes your business above your competition, resulting in new and returning customers to your online store, search engine optimisation, and increased revenue.

Shopify Website Design
It is important that your Shopify store does not have a cookie-cutter shopify theme to improve each customer’s experience and impression. We can create a brand new custom designed website for you from the ground up or redevelop your current site for better results.

Shopify Development & Integration
Our Shopify experts and designers can build your a user-friendly and functional store with integrations to extend Shopify’s capabilities.

Upgrade or Migrate to Shopify
We can redesign outdated or underperforming sites on the Shopify platform, organise Shopify migration, and develop your Shopify account, catering for the stage your business may be at in your online marketing journey.

Working with us

The Pathway to Success


The first step can be the most difficult to take, but once you’ve done it, you’re officially on the path to success. We’ll delve into your business to discover who your customer is, where you are now, and where your new website needs to take you.


The creativity begins! In the design stage, we get down to it and present you with an online prototype. You’ll review it and provide feedback, and we’ll work together through to the final approved design. This is by far, the most exciting part as you see it all come to life.


In this stage, we’ll turn the approved design into a fully functioning Shopify website. We’ll handle the nuts and bolts and all that nitty-gritty before we present it to you, ready for you to interact with and test.

Going Live

This is where your website is finally shared with the world. From here, you can start promoting your Shopify site and begin to generate revenue. The dream comes to life and the world can see it!

Ongoing Support

If you thought that was all you got for your investment, think again! We’d love to be part of your long-term success. Because of this, we provide ongoing support and maintenance under our Shopify website care plans. This way, we can ensure your investment continues to be well-maintained and monitored on an ongoing basis.


While your new website is now live, there’s still work to be done. Marketing is the final step on the path that will ensure your site can be found in a Google search. With marketing tactics in place, you’ll drive traffic to your site and dominate your online space, ensuring your business can grow.

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The Fox & Lee Difference

“It’s our unique skillset and the way we work that make our websites perform so well!”

Trying to force your online business into a generic template just won’t work. Just like different body shapes need different clothes – every Shopify business needs a custom-fit website to work properly. We structure and design our sites to strategically work for Google and be exclusive to your business. And, to do that, you need an expert web-tailor that knows how Shopify works so you get the right fit for you and your customer.

David, CEO & Strategy - Fox & Lee

Outcomes of working with Fox & Lee
When your Shopify website is built by the team of experts at Fox & Lee you will get a website that:

Maximise & Protect Your Investment

Digital Marketing

Your customers can only engage with your website if they can find it!

That’s why digital marketing is an essential part of any online strategy for your company. Once we’ve designed and developed your website, we can offer targeted search marketing strategies that maximise your website investment.

Ongoing Support

We’d like to be part of your success long term.

Because of this, we provide business-grade website hosting and ongoing support and maintenance under our website care plans. Ensuring your investment continues to be well maintained and monitored on an ongoing basis.

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Shopify Website FAQs

Give us a call on 03 8595 7333 if you would like to know more.

Shopify is a great platform and suits most businesses who want to sell products online. To determine if Shopify is the right fit for your business depends on what (if any) custom functionality is required, and varies on a case by case basis. We can help you determine if Shopify is the right fit for your business, please feel free to book in a call with us to discuss further.

On average most Shopify projects are ready within 4-6 weeks of you engaging our services. This is dependent on the complexity and size of the project.

Determining the cost of an online store development is similar to what is involved in building a house: costs are significantly impacted by how you want it to look. This includes, for example, the materials, styling, fixtures, and features. We can work with you to choose these factors and present you a comprehensive plan regarding costs.

Using an Australian agency for your business website development means your designers are aware of the Australian market trends and requirements. We understand how to overcome any specific hurdles that may pop up along the way. Plus, it’s convenient — who needs to be on a 4 am Zoom call?!

When you choose to work with a professional Shopify website designer, you gain access to extensive experience and know-how, which can lead to an amazing website that appeals to your ideal customer and places you in a position in which you are more likely to succeed.

You will have full access and will be able to manage and update Shopify content and images via the CMS.

SEO is pivotal to many aspects of online marketing and this includes Shopify online stores. Subsequently, your Shopify website will utilise SEO to increase search engine results.

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