How to connect CS-Cart to ZipPay and ZipMoney


Connecting to ZipPay and/or ZipMoney will allow your customers to purchase your product or service through their Zip account. It will connect directly to your Zip account to show you live connections and payments for your store, allowing you to audit them or generate reports.

This plugin is build using the CS-Cart payment processor engine and connecting via the ‘Zip Online REST API’. The integration will need to be in place first to then get the account approved by Zip. Once the user checks out of your site then will be directed to the Zip site to log in or create an account. Once they have done this and the payment was processed, they will be redirected to your site to finalise the order. Similar to the PayPal integration.

ZipPay and ZipMoney Website

There are no plugins publicly available for this integration however we have a plugin available for installation and configuration. It has been used and installed on multiple sites and is currently up to date with the latest Zip API version and CS-Cart version.

Here at Fox and Lee, we have developers that have 8+ years of experience working with this platform and are the most experienced and knowledgeable in Australia when it comes to CS-Cart. So get in contact with us on 03 9043 1039 or via the contact form below and we can help you with your CS-Cart website and applying this function to your site.

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