How to connect CS-Cart to ANZ

How to connect CS-Cart to ANZ

When it comes to how to connect CS-Cart to ANZ, the connection/extension can be achieved in a few different ways.
You can connect through ‘ANZ eGate’ which is a payment gateway service that connects directly through to ANZ or through their ‘ANZ Secure Gateway’.

Both of these are viable options for how to connect CS-Cart to ANZ. However, these are not the options we would typically recommend. The option we would recommend for ANZ would be the MIGS payment gateway. It has been the standard for ANZ for quite some time and is very simple to integrate.

You can have a 2-party connection or a 3rd party connection. The 2 party connection displays the credit card fields on your website. Upon completing the payment form the connection happens behind the scenes and the customer never leaves your website.

A 3rd party connection redirects the user to the ANZ website to complete the transaction and redirects them back. Each of these options is perfectly fine. However, the 2-party option has a slightly increased cost for implementation and requires particular security features that ANZ request.

Make sure you check which of the 3 options are best suited for you and your business and whichever method that you choose, we can set up and configure it for you.

Here at Fox and Lee, we have developers that have 8+ years of experience working with this platform and are the most experienced and knowledgeable in Australia when it comes to CS-Cart.

If you need help with how to connect CS-Cart to ANZ, or any other CS-Cart related enquiries get in contact with us on 03 9043 1039 or via the contact form below.

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