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In a few of our previous articles, we have talked about CS-Cart and it’s multiple storefront functionality. However, there is an additional and powerful feature that CS-Cart has and that is it’s ‘Multi-Vendor’ marketplace solution.

A Multi-Vendor website is a standalone eCommerce store that allows you to create an online marketplace. In Multi-Vendor, independent vendors can sell their products through a single storefront. Think of sites like eBay or retail stores like Westfield or DFO. You as an admin of this type of store, control everything from the vendors, orders, income, payouts, look and feel, and more.

Multi-Vendor website features

What does CS Cart Multi-Vendor offer my website?

Being a Multi-Vendor marketplace admin is something like being the manager of the whole of eBay. If that sounds a little daunting then don’t worry you can add other admins and set privileges for them. Some can manage orders. Others can manage the virtual shopping mall look and feel. And for some, communications. You set the rules.

With CS-Cart, this type of store can have an unlimited number of vendors. You can give any user the ability to be a vendor or you can ask a potential vendor to fill out an ‘application’ to get your approval to sell on your site. Or you can also put in place limitations on if a vendor’s new product gets instantly added to the site or whether you need to approve it first. You can also dictate the amount in fees or commission that you take from sales on your site. As well as site-wide shipping rules, payment gateways or promotions.

CS-Cart- Multi Vendor Solution

Each of your vendors will also have their own store inside your site. Here they can set the logo, background image, description or filters for finding their products.

Your users can also rate your vendors or communicate with your vendors directly. This can include asking questions or further information about a product. You also still get all the reports and analytics to show you how a vendor is tracking with their selling, account balance or even what products are selling the best. Some of these items can also be viewed directly by the vendor but can be customised or restricted based on your preference.

You can split your multi-vendor site into multiple storefronts as well. This means you can have an online marketplace separated out based on product type, location or any other combinations that we have talked about previously.

The types of functionality that are already in a Multi-Vendor version of CS-Cart are the same as the base version. You aren’t missing out on any features. Most of the items found in the CS-Cart Marketplace are compatible with this version of the platform as well.

Ready to get started?

Here at Fox and Lee, we have developers that have 8+ years of experience working with this platform. We are one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in Australia when it comes to CS-Cart. So get in contact with us on 03 9043 1039. Alternatively, full contact form below to see if this platform is right for you. We can also offer assistance if you need help with your CS-Cart website.


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