Creating Buyer Personas: 3 Ways To Get To Know Your Audience
Marketing Strategy

When you create a marketing strategy you will inevitably face the issue of defining your customers. Understanding your audience – the people you will direct all your marketing efforts to – is essential to any strategy, be it your Instagram page or your SEO tactics. And the best way to do this is by developing personas […]

Creating a Consistent Brand: The Do’s & Don’ts

Your customers will get exposed to your brand on many occasions. Every touchpoint with your brand will give them a chance to form an opinion, to create certain associations or to simply grow more fond of it. When you know all these different channels will shape the perception people have of your brand, you want […]

5 Steps to Take Before Hiring an eCommerce Website Developer

Are you trying to hire the right eCommerce website developer? Chances are you may want to take a few steps back. The worst mistake businesses make when trying to hire a developer or design agency is to jump straight to the hiring phase, skipping the crucial planning steps that lead to a great business-vendor partnership. […]


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