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5 Ways to make your eCommerce solutions more profitable 
Graphic Design

Does this sound familiar? You have great products on your eCommerce solution, your customers love you, but your revenue growth has become stagnant?    Don’t worry, because an expert eCommerce agency like Fox & Lee can help you identify why this is happening and deliver solutions that help elevate your business and increase your sales. […]

5 Ways we can use Digital Marketing to Grow your Store Online
Marketing Strategy

You’ve built an Online Store? Congratulations! Now you need to start growing your business by generating more customers. With Digital Marketing, you can grow your store online with new web traffic as well as engage return users.    We find too many agencies focus on the quantity of the impressions or clicks being generated than […]

Is CS-Cart or Magento the Best Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform?

When choosing how to build your Multi-Vendor Marketplace, you’ll invest a bit of time in researching the software you’ll have it built-in. You’re going to want to future proof yourself to have the flexibility to grow and adapt as your businesses evolves and changes to meet market demand. We’ve noticed two, in particular, that stand […]

How a Website Care Plan will elevate your Online Business 

Websites require maintenance to stay up to date and functioning properly. As your business grows, your site evolves with it. The necessary maintenance can include everything from introducing new features to servicing old ones. A Website Care Plan ensures your website stays online and error-free, ready for customers as well as representing your business professionally […]

Why Customers aren’t Staying on your Webshop

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on generating traffic to your website and not seeing those potential customers buy anything. Whether it’s a high bounce rate or cart’s being abandoned, it makes you wonder, why aren’t customers staying on your webshop?    Fox and Lee are experts in User Experience (UX) design and understanding […]

3 Examples of eCommerce Web Development Melbourne based businesses use to Drive Sales
eCommerceWeb DevelopmentWebsite Design

Here at Fox and Lee, we are a proud member of our local community. When Melbourne based Businesses are looking to grow themselves with eCommerce Web Development, we are happy to lend a hand. We offer expert design and advanced development specialities (such as CS-Cart mastery). Thus, you can trust us to transform your online […]


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