6 Things an Expert CS Cart Developer can do for your Multi-Vendor eCommerce Website

Expert CS Cart Developer

Choosing which application to use for building your Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website involves deciding what features you’ll need to be able to incorporate.

We recommend CS Cart. 

An Expert CS Cart Developer can include a range of components in your website.  The feature-rich and flexible nature of CS Cart gives you a level of customisability that other platforms can’t match.

Here are just a few of the many features we can include in a Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website built by an Expert CS Cart Developer.

Separate Vendor Panel and Separate Mini Store for Every Vendor 

When you manage a Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website it is equally important to attract Vendors as it is Customers. CS Cart gives you to offer every vendor an individual panel to administer their store. Vendors additionally gain an individual micro store shopfront. 

As the Site Admin you’ll still have the ultimate control, but these features do offer a sense of ownership to your vendors.

The admin panel gives vendors the opportunity to:

  • Manage their own settings and products
  • Regulate their own orders, filters, options, and features
  • Add vendor administrators with different access levels
  • Create different informational pages, polls, forms, and links
  • Utilise other financial and logistical management features available in this panel

Each vendors personal micro store offers:

  • Personal vendor company description
  • Logo
  • Their products
  • The product filters they’ve created for vendor items

Both the admin panel and the mini store are easy to use. Because of the range of information and personalisation available to your vendors they will feel an increased sense of ownership over their presence in your virtual marketplace.

The result of this isn’t just the attraction of more vendors to your website, but also creating advocates for your brand. Your website will be highly regarded from the fantastic experience vendor’s are going to have selling with you.

Promotions for Vendors

Ownership and personalisation go a step further with CS Cart by giving you the option to let vendors run their own promotions on your website. This also creates more opportunities to boost each vendor’s sales.

Vendors can create their own catalog and cart promotions. This can include offering free shipping, discounts, free products, coupon codes, and access to VIP user groups.

Communication, Comments and Reviews 

Building your Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website with CS Cart will give customers a range of ways to engage with your vendors. You can enable customers to send messages to your vendors.

This means product specific questions are going to the people who have the answers. Sales convert at a higher rate when customers can message the right person, right from the product page.

An interactive star rating system paired with comments means customers can give good quality feedback to your vendors. Customers can comment and rate vendors, products, categories and orders.

You will moderate comments and reviews, not the vendor to maintain the integrity of your website. User generated content from reviews will help raise sales and is a highlight of one of the many features offered by building your website with CS Cart.

Configurable Vendor Plans and Category Commissions

Your vendors can be as diverse as your customer base. By configuring subscription plans for your vendors with different conditions and limitations, you’re able to increase your revenue. Depending on your preferences around commissions, you have the flexibility to bring in a monthly fee from vendors selling their goods through your marketplace.

Speaking of commissions, CS Cart gives you the opportunity to set Category Commissions. It’s up to you whether you use it to attract more vendors by offering affordable commissions on low-margin products or make more money off higher margin products.

CS Cart empowers you to maximise your profits and offer enticing rates to your range of vendors.

Advanced Order Management System

CS Cart gives you the ability to avoid frustrating your customers with a messy check out process whenever they want to purchase separate items from separate vendors.

For your customers it means that they are able to make a single order and a single payment when purchasing from multiple vendors.

And for your vendors it means they’ll receive an individual order that only contains their individual products.

For everyone involved using your Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website, a convenient checkout process and advanced order management system results in the best possible experience.

Advanced Control over Vendor Restrictions, Payout Systems and Debt Payout  

We’ve talked a lot about features that both your customers and vendors will love when they use your Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website. And this is an important part of the ecosystem that will drive success for your business. However, as this is ultimately your business we felt it worth mentioning a few of the features that facilitate your management of the website.

CS Cart gives you advanced control over the things you will need to manage your website. What this includes is control over Vendor Restrictions, Payout Systems and Debt Payout.

You can set privileges as well as enable and disable menus in your vendor’s admin panels. This means you can hide unnecessary menus and elements that aren’t relevant to your specific business.

Vendor debt payout functions allow you to make sure vendors pay you on time. You can block the admin panels for vendors whose debt has reached the limit, or didn’t pay for their plan in time.

This means you don’t get stuck in chasing up payments. These features put responsibility back on to vendors and provide them with a convenient way to pay any debts.

CS Cart Multi Vendor gives you the option to choose between automatic or manual vendor payouts. Automated payouts are managed through ‘PayPal for MarketPlaces’ which save you 90% of your time. Should you wish to manage payouts manually, you have the flexibility to do so with the vendor accounting feature. 

Ready to get started?

You can learn about more of the features available with CS Cart by visiting their website. We love CS Cart for it’s unique feature-rich capabilities like Multi-Store and being able to connect to different payment gateways (such as ANZ eGate, CommWeb and Zip Online).

Here at Fox and Lee, we have developers that have over 8 years of experience working with this platform. This makes us one of the most experienced and knowledgeable expert CS Cart developers in Australia.

Get in contact with us on 03 9043 1039 or via the contact form below to get started building your Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Website.

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